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Nowadays, processing your personal tax return has not become easier, despite fiscal harmonization and electronic aids. Completing your tax return can be tedious, even nerve-wracking. You are never quite sure whether you have made the most of every fiscal advantage in the event of changes such as:

Childcare and education costs
Inheritance / life-time gifts
Purchase / Renovation of a property
Financing issues
Pension plan payments
Pension plan

We address your tax matters, taking into account your overall financial situation and the possible tax advantages.


Succession plan

Everyone has to deal with inheritance issues one way or the other whether to arrange one's own estate, or being involved with an inheritance.


The Swiss laws and rights as to martimony, matrimonial property, inheritance and succession currently applicable support the individual actions of each spouse, but also offers the possibility of joint assets. The inheritance law offers the unmarried testator or testatrix flexibility in arranging his or her succession plan within the framework of legal regulations and restrictions.

Advice in inheritance matters and as to the formulation of wills (except marital and inheritance contracts)
Portfolio division suggestions
Organizing the vacating of residences
Arranging assistance and legal advice for the guardianship authorities.
Execution of will

Senior Care

The Visenta AG can competently and confidentially assist you with these services:

Handling of all payment transactions
Negotiating and corresponding with authorities, banks, insurance companies etc.
Support in solving problems or making decisions
In special cases, taking over assistance/advisory mandates
Visenta - Steuer- und Nachfolgedienstleistungen
Tax-optimised overall assessment
Financial savings
Saving time for the pleasurable things in life


Our minimum price: CHF 390,00 + VAT

An overview of your advantages:

  1. Compilation of tax returns from all cantons with all enclosures
  2. Optimised tax burden, taking into account your overall financial situation
  3. You will save yourself a lot of work, leaving more time for other things
  4. Settled succession and inheritance matters

We will gladly explain how we can solve your problems at a personal consultation. Please call us, and we will arrange an appointment. We look forward to meeting you at our office at Falknerstrasse 3 in Basel.

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